The Power of the PAUSE

the power of the pause

How can the POWER of the PAUSE can make a difference in YOUR life?

In the next moment I will share with you the secret to taking back YOUR power.

It only takes a moment.

Yet it helps you clear your thinking.

And allows YOU to maintain control without going to a psychologist.

The SECRET is in The Pause

How can PAUSING help YOU personally?

Mark twains comments on power of the pause

ANA DUTRA TELLS US: how pausing can help YOU to be a better leader:

“At a higher level, as leaders, pausing and reflecting enables us to ask what our role really is, how to more effectively empower others to be the best at the roles they are supposed to play and, therefore, what we should really get involved with. Pause and reflection create space for us and for others — everybody becomes more effective and can grow.”

Are YOU a leader?

  • Are you a parent?
  • A teacher?
  • A manager?
  • A supervisor?
  • A role model?

Can YOU see how this can help you?

Ana goes on to say:

“Pause also creates high quality energy, increasing our resilience as leaders and our ability to deal with more complex issues.”

Taking a moment to pause means looking for ways to  physically, mentally and emotionally take a break.

Ana suggests taking  a walk around the block, taking time to meditate, take time to stretch or exercise, finding a hobby, get a massage and my FAVORITE taking a well deserved coffee break.

REMEMBER their is much power in making time and to empty your mind on your worries, concerns, fears and responsibilities so YOU can afterward reflect and filter issues.

Mary Myers on the power of the pause

How can the power of the Pause help YOU to REDUCE stress in your life?

Mary Myers a holistic therapist in Pine Bush NY tells the story of having a stressful job that would FRAZZLE her at times.

Then one day she and a coworker tried an experiment.

“We set an alarm on my computer to beep every 15 minutes.  Every time it went off, we would stop and stretch, and take three conscious breaths.  This practice allowed us to make practical choices, like evaluate if we had been stuck on one step for too long, whether perfectionism was taking over our work and we needed to move on, or if we even thought this particular thing we were working on was worth keeping.  More importantly though, it allowed us to connect with ourselves as people, as bodies and hearts and minds in a room, in a city, where there was a whole world outside, and to remember that we were not cogs in a machine, or trapped animals, but beings who had the capacity to notice how we were feeling, to shake off a little bit of the stress, smile at one another, and make choices about how we wanted our lives to be.”

What if YOU set an alarm on your computer to do this?

Do YOU think YOU might benefit from using a premeditated Pause in your life?

BTW here is the free software i use to take a break every 15 minutes. ENJOY it!

Mary Myers offers a free mp3 download of the 3 minute breathing exercise to use during your power pause. YOU can get it here.

Suggestions on How and when to use the PAUSE

Cortney Carver suggests “Instead of coming to a full stop, easy into a slow down by practicing the pause. Making time to pause gives you a chance to take in your surroundings, check in with you how you feel, quiet your mind and appreciate the present moment.”

Here is in interesting way to PRACTICE this.

Cortny loves photography and shares that taking pictures can help YOU to practice pausing.

In what way?

“Beauty and awe is everywhere, but when we run through the day with tunnel vision, we miss it. I use my camera to capture beautiful ordinary moments everyday. My family teases me a bit about my obsession with the sky, but I can’t get over its magnificence. It’s so nice to pay tribute to something beautiful by taking the time to capture its image.”

Cortny also suggests making these RITUALS part of your PAUSE practice:

  • Coffee or tea time
  • Stand up and give your eyes, back and brain a break from the computer screen. Enjoy a pause with a LONG stretch.

Even Oprah has talked about the Power of the Pause.

Oprah interviewed Pema Chödrön in her top 20 list of women of power. Pema goes on to say how the Power of the pause has been instrumental in her success of battling the chain reaction of feelings that may STORM us at times.

“If right now our emotional reaction to seeing a certain person or hearing certain news is to fly into a rage or to get despondent or something equally extreme, it’s because we have been cultivating that particular habit for a very long time. But as my teacher Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche used to say, we can approach our lives as an experiment. In the next moment, in the next hour, we could choose to stop, to slow down, to be still for a few seconds. We could experiment with interrupting the usual chain reaction, and not spin off in the usual way. We don’t need to blame someone else, and we don’t need to blame ourselves.

Pausing is very helpful in this process. It creates a momentary contrast between being completely self-absorbed and being awake and present. You just stop for a few seconds, breathe deeply, and move on. Chögyam Trungpa used to refer to this as the gap. In the middle of just living, which is usually a pretty caught-up experience characterized by a lot of internal discussion, you just pause.

And once you start doing it, pausing nurtures you; you begin to prefer it to being all caught up.”

Read more:

The Power of the Pause has been a subject of several books that YOU may want to check out

Terry Hershey introduces his new book “The Power of Pause.”  This book challenges the reader to slow down in a fast-forward world by encouraging the practice of pausing.

John Harricharan has a book called “The Power Pause: A simple, 3 minute, 3 step formula

Finally another book review on the power of pausing is called “The Power of Pause: How to be More Effective in a Demanding, 24/7 World” by Nance Guilmartin

More of us are asking, How can we be effective when we feel we don’t have time and are facing nonstop demands?

In The Power of Pause, Nance Guilmartin outlines the proven process that she has taught successfully to thousands of people worldwide. This practical method helps even the most overwhelmed among us take a moment to pause and wonder what’s called for when we feel short on time, attention, temper, or choices. In that instant, we can use a simple method to rewire our overloaded circuits, tap into our “missing-in-action” common sense, regain control of our reactions, and raise our communication intelligence. This process is not about slowing down the pace of workday life. It is about enabling anyone to be your best when dealing with deadlines, change, or fast-moving opportunities.

In conclusion, whether you are in business, management or would just like some help in managing your day to day stress then we invite you to embrace the power of the pause in your life.

It only takes a moment.

But it is certainly worth it.


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