The Emotional Tummy Tuck

What Is The Emotional Tummy Tuck? Do YOU Need One?

People with tummy tucks still feel bad inside

In today’s article from Michelle Bybel a hudson valley holistic health coach she addresses the unmet psychological reasons why people get tummy tucks or liposuction.

Using FOOD as a form of psychological treatment or therapy.

Lets give our attention to Michelle as she discusses this.


 Why am I writing this article? Because it pains me to see so many women who are desperate to lose weight, especially those desperate enough to want to turn to drastic measures such as bariatric or plastic surgery.

While I understand that medical professionals consider procedures like bariatric surgery to be necessary for some people, I can’t help but wonder if this is nothing more than a “medically supervised” quick fix.

Why do I say this? Because I have seen people turn to these risky procedures, only to regain all of the weight they lost and then some. The problem is that these procedures don’t teach you anything – they just “shrink” your stomach so you don’t eat as much. Not to mention the severe side effects, both short- and long-term, that follow this type of procedure.

The bigger problem is that you can easily stretch out your new “small” stomach over time by engaging in the same behaviors that caused you to gain the weight in the first place. There is always a way around everything – you will find a way to eat more, if that is what you want to do.

Why would you want to eat more even after “going under the knife?” Because you haven’t made peace with your relationship with yourself, and food is the coping skill you have used to deal with all of the emotional yuck that has kept you in a state of existing rather than truly living.

Cutting, re-routing, stapling, or adjusting your stomach with a band to make it smaller in a one-day procedure is not the answer. Why? Because you are likely desperate to lose weight and are looking for just about anything to do it. How has this procedure taught you anything different? Is this procedure going to prevent you from making fast food runs, or eating out of frustration, sadness, or anxiety?

I am afraid that this procedure is more of a Band-Aid than a cure. If it was a “cure” for obesity, people would not be regaining the weight after surgery. I just read an article about a woman who was desperate to lose weight and had gastric bypass, and guess what? She gained all of the weight back, and was now embarking on a new journey to lose the weight that has been plaguing her for years in a more natural way.

Just look at celebrities like Carnie Wilson – she underwent bariatric surgery and still struggles with keeping the weight off.

So, what is the cure?

I’m not sure this is a cure…it’s not like you can take a pill and all the extra fat goes away in ten days, or you can remove the fat out of your body with liposuction and it will never return. There is no permanent cure

But there is a solution.

You need to have the inner desire to want to change your life, how you look at food, why you eat and what you eat, and be prepared for the successes and setbacks that come with changing your lifestyle.

Food has to stop being the center of your universe. You need to become the center of your universe.

So, where do you start?

What if I told you that it is possible to “shrink” your belly without resorting to surgery?

Yes, it’s possible. However, it will not happen in a two-hour procedure (nor should it ever!).

Your body will need time to adjust to its new level and type of food intake.

Your mind will need time to adjust to a new way of thinking, living and feeling…this is not just about food. This is about recovery.

Recovery is a process, not a destination – you don’t achieve it solely by “stopping” the unhealthy behavior. It doesn’t end when you lose those last 10 or even the first 50 lbs.

Recovery is a lifelong process of discovery, excitement, growth, disappointment, setbacks, and healing.

My past clients with addictions to drugs and alcohol didn’t enter recovery by just stopping the use of the substances. In some ways, that’s the easy part. Those who truly wanted recovery understood that the healing begins with accepting the inner work that has to be done…and they committed to the process.

They had to work on discovering and accepting who they are as a person, face their inner demons, and most importantly, practice forgiveness of themselves and others. They had to heal from the inside out, not the outside in.

You see, having to put down the vodka is no different than putting down the cupcake. Each one numbs you, perhaps in a different way…but it numbs you nonetheless.

Simply refraining from eating the cupcake (i.e. dieting) isn’t the answer. This is not the problem – it’s the symptom. Most people believe if they could just change the way they eat and lose the weight, all will be good with the world. But guess what? You don’t lose you when you lose the weight.

If you continue to just address the symptom (food intake), you will never get to the problem itself (why you need the food/what it represents to you), and therefore it will always come back (overeating, weight gain). So you spend your life trying every new diet and fitness plan because you are focused on fixing the symptom, not the problem. This is what keeps you in the vicious cycle of gaining and losing weight.

The real work revolves around discovering why you need to eat the cupcake: what does it do for you, what are you trying to fill, avoid, numb?

This is the work …

that needs to be done to start the process of healing.

that will create the breakthroughs and give you the desire and motivation to make better choices in life – and not only what you eat.

that will decrease your stress and help to put your body back in a state of balance so you don’t have food cravings, urges to overeat, and a lack of energy.

that will require you to be open to learning new things, doing things differently and getting out of your comfort zone.

that will ultimately change your life.

Where do you start?

Instead of resorting to drastic dieting or surgery methods to rid your body of unwanted pounds, you will commit to doing the work that will start your process of recovery and healing.

Is it sexy? No.

Will it make you lose 20 pounds and two dress sizes in four weeks? No.

Will it make false promises just to hook you? No.

Will it help you to gain awareness, rebalance your system, and want to make better choices? Yes!

Will it give you the solid foundation you need to transform your mindset, body and life? Yes!

If you are ready to set the foundation to a healthier relationship with yourself and with food, I am offering you the chance to receive a complimentary PDF of my Amazon best-selling book, “The Secret Burden: Letting Go of the Shame, Anger and Guilt of Emotional Eating.”

The Secret Burden” explores the missing piece of the puzzle to taking control of emotional eating, and will provide you with the tools to gain awareness into what food represents to you and why this has become your main method of coping. You will make the mindset shifts necessary to start the process of recovery, and you will learn how to create a personalized lifestyle plan to serve as a foundation for a healthier way of coping and living.

For a limited time, the free PDF is available for download at

Michelle Bybel is a licensed clinical social worker and certified holistic health coach. She specializes in working with professional women/entrepreneurs. She can be reached at or visit


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